Important Tips For The Stay-At-Home Parent To Keep You Safe
January 1, 2020
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January 1, 2020

Kids Alone Home! Keep them Safe With These Tips

You as a parent have your own intuition and feeling towards when your children are old enough to be at home by themselves for either a small or extended amount of time.

But that doesn’t mean that they are completely safe when they do this.

You may have kids that are close in age with the oldest being capable in your eyes, to watch over everyone until you return home from a late night at work, date night with the spouse, or you have to leave for an extremely urgent emergencies that they just can’t come with you to.

If these occasions to arise for you and your family than it is best to follow these practices to adjust your home safety level.

  1. Set up a live feed camera offered by your security system
  • By doing this you can see what is happening at home while you are not home, by using your mobile device or laptop
  • Show your kids that they are going to be monitored
    • Make them feel safer while your gone
    • Ensure good behavior by your kids
    • Double-check chores are being done
  • By monitoring your children with your security system you will have the ability to see when a stranger comes to the door
    • Call your kids cellular phone or landline to instruct them on what to do or to see who it was if it was a person you knew
  1. Lock ALL accesses to the inside of your home

As a parent life may never seems to slow down.

This can cause any normal human to forget a few locks throughout your home every time you leave.

With one of the three security systems here on you don’t need to worry about this.
You will have complete control over your locks and windows by locking or unlocking them through your mobile device manually or automatically.  But if you are on a plan that doesn’t cover every lock or you currently don’t have a system installed. You can miss some crucial locking points

  • Garage Door
  • Side Doors
  • Back Doors
  • Mud-room Doors
  • Adjustable Windows

These are all “blind-spots” in your home that the daily routine of life can cause to be forgotten about. Before you leave your house for the day or night and create a situation where the kids will be home alone

  • Walk through your whole house checking each possible locking location
  • Do this with your kids that are old enough to understand
  • Take the time to do this when you aren’t rushing out of the house first by creating a checklist of every point so that none of them are ever forgotten

Helpful Tip #1—Print off checklist, Laminate it, and then use a dry erase marker to check it off and then wipe it off when you return
Helpful Tip #2–Hang it in a location where you won’t forget about it and that your oldest can reach such as the front door entrance, in the living room, or the best location would be in your kitchen, preferably on the fridge.

  • Instruct your kids if you have a household pet that needs to be taken outside to unlock a specific door for them and wait for the pet to finish its business before leaving the door un-attended and locked.
    • The three companies com has listed, offer features where you can also control the locks on doors from wherever you are while communicating with whomever is supervising the house
  1. Purchase a Landline Phone

We all have smartphones now, or at least most of us either have one or at least an older model mobile phone. You may feel uncomfortable still with your children having their own cellphone right now.

Even the oldest sibling babysitting

You need to have some line of communication with your kids while you are away to get an immediate response when necessary.

A landline is hardwired into your phone line at a receiver and comes with a cordless phone to speak on around the receiver’s vicinity

Most of us older folks already know this but younger generations may not know they still are an option. Mobile smartphones are causing these to become obsolete, but we feel they are still a valuable component to your homes safety.

  • Best choice if you do not allow cell phones yet
  • No worry about losing your cellular signal which can happen from time to time
  • Good to have as at least a “back-up”
  • This is crucial—Make sure everyone in the house knows to always put your landline phone back on the receiver after use
  • You don’t want your kids searching everywhere for the phone when they are panicking
  1. Store Extra Entrance Keys Securely Outside

Chances are if you kids are coming home from school while your working late they may at some point be unable to get inside the house because its completely locked.

  • Find a logical, smart, and most of all secure location outside your home
  • Make sure every member of the house knows the location and NOBODY else
  • Switch up the location every 6 months or so to maintain its hidden location
  • Don’t hide it in cliché spots that everyone knows about such as
    • Under the door mat
    • “Hide a Key” rock
    • Under a flower pot
  • Hide it in new creative ways, that everyone can get to

We won’t list examples on here for security purposes. Be creative specifically to your own unique home. It doesn’t have to be around the front door for convenience, you don’t want convenience you want it to be difficult for anyone else besides your family to know.

  1. Check in with them

I know this all seems like we are teaching you how to be an over baring parent. Your kids may even complain about all the supervision, but it’s important that they understand why you want them to do these things, especially either checking in via phone with them or instructing them to do so to you.

  • You by no means need to check in with your kids every 10 minutes and they don’t need to call you every time something minor happens
  • Go over this policy with them while your gone to set standards of when they should call you to check in or when to be ready for a phone call from you
  • If your only running a little bit behind check in with them once to inform them of your situation and to instruct them of any security measures they need to do before you arrive

These are five of the best tips has for you and your children’s safety.

Kids don’t like rules, but if you are able to integrate these five security tips strictly, giving them understanding with compassion. Your kids will comply and these will seem like just a routine to them. Making times when you aren’t able to be everywhere at once, a stress free situation where you and your children are in sync and most of all safe.

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