5 Things You Need To Know About Security Situation in Houston
January 1, 2020
Kids Alone Home! Keep them Safe With These Tips
January 1, 2020

Important Tips For The Stay-At-Home Parent To Keep You Safe

If you are the stay at home spouse that is in charge of keeping the house moving while maintaining it and caring for your young children, then you must know these 5 tips for when your alone with your kids, or all alone by yourself.

Unfortunately the daytime can be one of the worst times of the day for burglaries. Burglars know that during this time you will be at work and the house will be completely empty along with most neighbors.

Criminals are smarter than you may think and because they live on a life of crime, they have the time to study your households living habits completely.

That is why home security systems are so important, if a burglar is studying you home by chance and comes across a badge or sign indicated that you are fully secured by one of the top three companies we have featured.

The chances of them staying away will increase greatly, leaving you safe at home while your children when everyone else is away for the day.

Here are some tips for you to remind yourself.

  1. Get to know your neighbors
  • It is important to have good relationships with you neighbors regardless. Friends or acquaintances are more likely to help each other out than if you are complete strangers living next to each other
  • By having a welcoming and kind neighbor you open the option of a place to go for refuge if you don’t have neighbors very close by to you
  • Neighbors also can sometimes be culprits, by no means are we suggested that you look at the people who live in your neighborhood with suspicion and acquisitions but you should be aware of their behavior, just in case
  1. Keep an eye on local Houston crime
  • Our massive city has many different parts of it North, East, West, South, and you should keep an eye on activity in these areas and of course your own
  • Research your areas crime rate to see if burglaries or home invasions have been occurring
  • What are the released details of some cases?
    • It is good to know if the police release reports on recent crimes, the details can sometimes report how the burglar attempted to break in
  • You can find this information in your daily newspaper or for more specific findings and statistics use any search engine online
  1. Be cautious with un-expected knocks on the door

If you are ever home alone for an entire day you should always make sure to lock all your windows and doors just as a precaution. Home security systems can do this for you even when you forget.

  • Their have been a lot of cases where the burglar was able to gain easy access to the home just by simply knocking on the door
  • Once you open the door you have opened up access and made yourself extremely vulnerable, especially if they happen to have a weapon
  • Check through your peep hole before unlocking and opening your door for a stranger so that you can make a good judgment
    • Don’t yell for them to go away, if they are a burglar this can aggravate them and if they aren’t than you have just offended an innocent person
    • If you don’t feel comfortable opening the door then stand there quietly and watch the behavior of them, if you see them getting anxious or looking around at other parts of your home, call 911 immediately
  1. Create an emergency evacuation plan
  • Much like your fire escape plan, make sure to create an evacuation plan in case of
    • Fires
    • Floods
    • Storms
    • Invaders
  • Go over this plan thoroughly with all your children so they know what to do when the unexpected occurs
  • The plan should be simple and involve a certain escape plan for every single household member per room
  • Review the plan with your spouse so that all bases are covered
  • Go over your emergency evacuation plan with any new member of the household when of age and make sure go over it yearly
  • Practice! Practice! Practice!
  1. Always have your phone on hand or near you
  • If an emergency situation occurs you don’t want to have to go looking for your smart phone throughout the house
  • If you have a landline make it a habit of always placing your phone onto the receiver when you are finished
  • Have 911 on speed dial. Yes it is only three digits but in a frantic state those three digits may be difficult for you to press accurately
  • Smartphones all come with features to have 911 ready at the press of a button so make sure you set yours accordingly

If you are on friendly enough terms with some neighbors ask to exchange numbers for “in case” situations. It is rare you will find someone who wouldn’t be willing to help if you were in dire need.

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