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January 1, 2020
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January 1, 2020

Home Security Systems can Decrease Homeowner/Renter Insurance Rate

It may seem obvious, but decreasing your monthly home or renters insurance with a home security system can easily decrease your monthly bill.

Your insurance company no matter who they are will love that you are installing a home security system. It’s a new primary shield of protection for you and your household, covering your house from all catastrophic incidents.

Insurance companies are always more than willing to discount your monthly rate when they know you have an entire system in place to deflect against and danger or accident that may happen.


Well Because…

When you have an accident such as a fire that burns down your entire home, or when you are hit with a flash flood that submerges half of your entire house or basement. Insurance companies are the ones you pay monthly to completely pay to have your damages fixed.

Rebuilding your home may not be fully covered by them, but they still are there to help pay the majority of the costs and possible replacement items.

Insurance companies are a business like any other, and want to receive money instead of paying it out.

By installing one of’s referred companies featured here for the Houston area, you can almost guarantee a substantial decrease in your monthly rate. It has been states that insurance companies will give their clients up to a 20% discount on their monthly insurance rate.

  • Calculate what 20% off of your current house insurance rate would do for you right now!

We will wait…

Worth it, right?

How can you get the best possible discount?

The excitement of this kind of possible insurance discount; is justified and should definitely boost your interest in securing your home in the Houston, Texas area.

But you might be wondering how you can get the best possible discount? Well that is why we are here. cares about you and your families well being. That includes your financial security as well, that is why we have this site for you, at no extra cost to you. Our three featured companies listed are companies we stand behind because they offer you complete security with affordable plans.

As you increase your home security plan, you increase the amount of equipment and devices you have, and you pay a little more with each one.

  • More Equipment + More Services = Higher Rate
  • Higher Rate = Bigger Discount Offered

But don’t get hung up on the words “higher rate”.

With the higher rate comes a more advanced and overall secured home security system. Which in turn will raise the discount you receive from your insurance company.

Just look at it like this.

The discount that you will receive due to your security system can now be turned around to fund your monthly security system’s monthly rate and maybe even your possible installation fee.

So by acting now to hire one of’s three top rated companies you can purchase a service that will save you enough in a bill you were already paying.

This way your insurance company is satisfied with the extra protection your home now has now, and most importantly you are now funding not just your home or renters insurance every month but you are now also funding your home security system without seeing anything spike on your monthly budget!

What are you waiting for? If you live in Houston in the surrounding area, you more than likely already have home or renters insurance as it can be a hazardous location to live.

Add more protection and safety to your home today, by using for your access to the top home security companies in the area!

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