Which One Is Best For You?

The four companies that we have listed all come with top of the line equipment that once in sync and in tune with each other, will lockdown your home like you never thought would be possible. Having these companies install the equipment that you are purchasing from them can seem like the obvious choice. But sometimes if you looking to save a little extra cash, just ordering the equipment to do it by yourself can be the better option. Here at Security Solutions Houston we want you to have the best available options that will fit your specific needs. So lets take a look at what you are getting yourself into when decided on whether you want to dive right into this stuff and do it yourself, or have a company professional come over to install your equipment.

Do It Yourself


  • Forget the additional installation fee
  • Configure your entire security system specifically to your own requirements
  • Have a thorough understanding of your equipment and how each component works together


  • High tech equipment can be difficult to set up properly
  • Wasted time on attempting to correctly sync all components—it can be confusing to some. These are complicated systems at times.
  • Chances of improper set-up
  • Troubleshooting problems you may face can be difficult and require you to contact the companies support service



  • Stress free
  • Typically comes with a installation warranty
  • Be able to get our your important questions answered directly
  • A high level of experience to configure any home
  • 100% guarantee you will have you system up and running correctly
  • Be shown in person how to operate you whole system


  • Additional fee for installation
  • Finding a company you can full trust
  • Finding a company close to the Houston area [that’s what were here for]

For a stress free feeling where you don’t have to worry about the time consuming task that DIY installation can be. Then we would suggest that your chosen companies technician come out to your home to fully configure your home security system to its maximum potential of completely securing your entire household.

But if you are a DIY kind of a person and you love figuring out how to set up electrical equipment such as this or you just happen to have a solid understanding of connecting wireless or hardwired systems then by all means, save yourself some extra cash and install your components on your own following the instructions provided by your chosen security solution.

Landline, Broadband, and Wireless Communication

In today's world of lightning fast moving communication where every form of information is sent almost instantly to all parts of the world, you are going to want your home security system to be held at the same standard. Gone are the days of only being capable of using a landline, the majority of the population doesn’t even use theirs anymore.  We are closer to becoming a completely wireless world by each passing year and your home security solution is following the trend.

So you need to make a decision on your different options for your home security system. You can choose between a landline, cellular, broadband, or a combo of them. Let securitysolutionshouston.com let you know about them a bit, so you can make a more educated decision.


A landline is the old school way of how we communicate information. Its all done by wiring and before our smartphones possessed the power to control our entire lives, it was the quickest way.

When you use a landline system…

  • Each component is hardwired in your security system
    • Can cost a lot more for installation
    • More complicated to string wires throughout the house
  • You can have your systems devices wireless still with only your main monitoring depending on this connection
  • Easier for outsiders to tamper with your wiring system potentially

When you use a cellular system…

  • Cellular signals are used to communicated with your main controls
    • Quick setup—no wires
    • Easy to maintain
    • Allows you to roam freely while maintain your security wherever you go
    • Faster communication than a hardwired line
  • Outsiders can’t disrupt signal as easy as a hardline
  • If your power lines are ever damaged, you won’t have to worry about your landline being down, your system will still run.

When you use a broadband system…

  • Communication is done through your internet connection
  • Faster communication than a landline and cellular
  • Risk of potential disruption being connected to your internet

Make sure you go over these options with the provider you have chosen from securitysolutionshouston.com’s top four. They will assist you and work with you so that your needs will be met while never worrying about possible disruptions.