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January 1, 2020

5 Things You Need To Know About Security Situation in Houston

The world is changing. You need to understand that the need and effectiveness a home security provides in Houston, is higher than ever.

Read on to find out more about not which company you should choose, but why you need home security in the first place.  Here are some interesting facts to think about that you need to know.

  1. 30% of breaking and entering case are easy for the criminal
  • In many cases a thieve will simply just walk through the front door to gain access to your home
  • When neighbors or other citizens are walking by and see this, it seems normal so nobody reacts to it
  • The other most common method of entering a home within this stat is for a criminal to break in through an unlocked window
  • Nobody can usually see this as they tend to choose a window that is hidden from the public eye
  1. Summer-time has the highest crime rate of the entire year

Criminals are all about opportunity.

  • They have the time to study your living habits, especially during the summer when the nights don’t become so frigid
  • People are traveling more often during the summer, either across the country our outside of the Houston area to camp leaving their homes vulnerable and on the criminals radar
  • With the heat raising to extreme temperatures, we tend to stick fans in our windows making them a very vulnerable section of our home
  • The same goes for when we crack open a window to get some fresh air moving through the house. We forget about it and go to sleep with the window cracked perfectly for anyone to climb in
  1. A home in the US is broken into every 13 seconds
  • In a recent studies it was concluded that the United States suffers from an alarming rate of homes being invaded
  • This study also stated that residential burglaries occur around 2,000,000 times every year with the victims losing an estimated $2000 dollars in lost personal assets
  • In a both urban and rural area such as Houston, crime rate may be larger in this area than most, so keep that in mind when you think about these staggering recent stats
  1. Only 13% of home burglaries are solved
  • The sporadic nature of robbing a home makes it extremely difficult for law enforcement to pinpoint the culprits
  • Never knowing where or when the robber will go next creates an atmosphere of uncertainty that nobody should live
  • With cases being rarely solved, personal possessions that have been stolen are never returned to their rightful owners
  1. Only 17% of home in America have a home security system
  • With the crime rates as high as they are you would think that everyone would have a security system in their home
  • One of the first things that a robber is going to look for when choosing a home to break into is a security system
  • A few small signs displayed around your home lets criminals know that you home is engaged and ready to trigger if they decide to go to your home
  • Now that you have educated yourself, do the same to friends and family. Suggest they visit us at or at least warn them of what they are vulnerable of.


Houston has the highest number of home robberies then any other city in America!

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