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January 1, 2020

10 Things to Consider When Making Your Home Security Decision

Choosing the perfect home security system can be a large task that causes you and your family a little stress.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We here at securitysolutionshouston.com want to make sure that this is the the smoothest and most dependable experience for all our readers. You deserve all the information you can get so you can make a decision based on educated confidence.

Here are our top ten things to consider when your choosing your company and plan.

  1. BBB [better business bureau] Rating

The BBB website is the compass for any legitimate online accreditation. You want to research the company on the BBB website to view their rating and see how they rank. BBB accredited companies with a high rating and minimal complaints are your ideal candidates.

  1. Read Online Reviews

Research the companies name in a general search on any engine [google, bing, yahoo, etc] and add “reviews” to the companies name. You will be brought to various results of sites that contain customer reviews.

You don’t have to read them word for word, but take a look at what established or past customers are saying.

It could make the smallest difference in your decision.

  1. Employee Background Checks

This might take a little extra digging, but you will find it to be extremely beneficial to easing your stress level through this.

Companies that don’t provide use mandatory employment background checks are susceptible to inside criminal behavior and that’s a risk you never want to take. When shopping a service such as this, you want 100% rock solid evidence that you and your family will be safe.

Take some extra time if you want to go further than our three suggested companies here. All three of securittysolutionhouston.com’s top ranked companies run background checks on all of their employees.

  1. Pets

If you have a family dog, cat, or other free roaming animal in your house than you are going to want to find out what the regulations are for your pets.

Some security solution systems work so well, that it will trigger and alarm just from your dog getting up to walk over to their bowl for water.

Make sure you ask if this pertains to you, or else your going to be dealing with some false alarms.

  1. What hours can support be reached?

An accidental or unexpected event never occurs at a convenient time for you.

Look over the operating hours for their technical support line.

Look into or ask about when their employee technicians are available to come and fix an issue. No matter what time of the night it is.

  1. Power Outage

The most opportune time for a burglar to attempt to break in to your home, power outages happen to everyone.

Ask their consultant what time of back-up system they have in place when you are completely out of power, leaving your home and you most vulnerable.

  1. Response Time

Houston has the highest population in the entire state of Texas.

That’s pretty big, right?

Take into account how massive of a metropolitan area you live around. The response time of the emergency team is going to help you make the best decision.

When your facing an emergency situation, time is not something that you have and the last thing you want to do is have a lengthy wait time.

Locate where their headquarters are located into relation of your household and choose one that is the closest or ask about how quick they estimate their time would be for you.

  1. Contracts

For a service like home security, companies typically offer plans on a year to year basis, charging you a monthly fee for their equipment and operation.

Before choosing a plan look into how long you will be committed to this company and service.

Don’t get locked into a contract that you won’t be able to get out of. The three companies suggested here by securitysolutionshouston.com do not try and lock you into something you may not be pleased with.

If you choose a different company be sure to carefully look into this.

  1. Energy Cost

A highly efficient security system that is ran hardwire or wirelessly through your home is going to require some power.

Don’t let this scare you away from potentially choosing a service.

Obviously a huge priority for complete home security service, is making sure their clients are not exploding their power bills just to continue their business with them.

  1. Ask Friends/Associates

Ask around to people you know who already have a home security service.

See who their provider is, what plan they are using, and how satisfied they are.

You will find that more often than not home owners who choose home security are confidently safe.

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