We care about you and your families well being, there is no telling what dangers may try to enter or damage your household, whether you are there or away. We offer a free service here to help educate our readers, because we know that with so many home security options out there, you often wonder before pursuing them…

“Which one can I trust to give me the safest and most complete safety?”

“Which of these are specifically located or have a division near Houston, Texas?”

You are not alone.

Houston is the most populated city in Texas and one of the biggest in the entire country. With a population that high, the more protection you are going to need for your home.

Thousands of families have chosen to use at home security systems in the largest populated city in Texas. Simply just using a key isn’t doing the job anymore. Criminals have evolved and advanced to an alarming extent. The police just can’t be everywhere in the massive Houston metropolitan area.

But breathe easy, because the good guys have advanced far past any criminal that’s lurking the streets today. We here at securitysolutionshouston.com have searched through thick and thin, spending countless hours of research to come up with the best security options for YOU. And through these studies we have come up with 3 home security companies that are by the best at what they do.

Keeping you and your family safe while providing constant home monitoring so you can feel safe and comfortable even when you leave your home. You will find the product of our hard and thorough research here and use it as your complete and ultimate guide to Houston Home Security.

Here are securitysolutionshouston.com’s top 4 companies from you to choose from but first here is the checklist we go through for every company that we review. If they don’t pass this list, than we don’t include them on this site.

#1 Home Defenders--ADT

One of the best securitysolutionshouston.com’s companies today, Home Defenders--ADT offers you and your home 18 years in the business with an incredible list of features and equipment, and a website that is one of the most user friendly that we have seen yet.

Powered with ADT Pulse Home Security Systems
  • Wireless control right from your phone, tablet, or right at home with your desktop
  • Works simultaneously with ADTs Monitoring System—the proper authorities
  • Notifies you if any piece of equipment has a low battery or if the AC power from any of your outlets cuts off
  • Watch live feed footage of what your cameras are picking up!
  • Complete control easy to install and navigate—app
Same Day Appointment—“Single appointment”
  • ADT offers you a same-day appointment schedule so you can get the professional help you need, today!
1 Day Installation—“single appointment”
  • Just like that! You can have your home completely secured and operation in one day of installation
Background Checked—Trained—Certified—Advisors
  • Home Defenders ADT employs only the most positive and helping technicians, so you can feel safe. While they make you safe.

Versatile Command Options

  • Voice Control system for when you are on the go or in an emergency ADT’s voice activation technology will recognize your voice and your command
  • Remote Control and command giving you complete mobility throughout your home or more importantly, when you’re away.
  • Digital Keypad Control allows you to arm and dis-arm your homes security system, set your homes temperature, and many other great features!

Gas Detectors and Alarms

  • Fire and Smoke Alarms
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Flood and Water Detectors with Alarms

ADT offers 24/7 emergency monitoring for your household. Whenever any of these components is triggered, a signal immediately transmits to the ADT Headquarters and an alarm with be set off while notifying both you and the authorities at the same time.

Instant Email and Text Alerts
  • ADT Pulse keeps you in the know---allowing you full access to your security system while you receiving instant email and text alerts from ADT to you don’t ever miss a thing.
Burglar Alarm Monitoring
  • Motion sensing security for windows and doors, so you don’t ever have to worry about any unlawful entry into your home.
Nation Wide Coverage
  • Offers security services NATION wide—even if you are not from Houston, ADT has you covered!
Home Insurance Certificate
  • Having ADTs home monitoring system installed in your home can save you some $$$ on your homeowners insurance.
ADT Home Defenders—Guarantees
  • Money-Back

ADT guarantees to bring you the feeling of complete security and solution, and they prove that by offering you a money back guarantee of six months. If for any reason they are unable a solution or solve your problem, than you may be entitled to receive your entire original purchase back.

  • Theft Protection

ADT states that in the unlikely event that a burglary happens at your home while your ADT Home Defenders system is armed. This guarantee can cover up to $500 of your insurances deductible! Allowing you to have more money to spend on stolen items. This is a worst case scenario, kind of deal.

Do you want certification proof? Click Here to see for yourself.

ADT—Home Defenders Home Security Plans

When you call today for your FREE quote ADT can offer you up to $850 worth of equipment with an additional $800 In bonus features for FREE

  • Only a 99$ Installation Fee—same day appointment by an expert security advisor and technician
  • 36 month agreement at $27.99 a month

Call Now and get a free quote on the 24/7 security expert support 1-800-573-4014

Use there LIVE Chat to speak with someone online

Or Request that a ADT security expert calls you back during normal business hours.

#2 FrontPoint  Security

FrontPoint is our top rated home security system service in the Houston area. They offer a wide range of services and most of all they make your home security systems convenient to you and your family.

State of the art equipment

  • Digital HD Touch-screen control panel: Controls your entire system with the tap of your finger
  • On the Go Mobile app: Take your system with you for use on your mobile smartphone, laptop or mac book, and tablet
  • Intrusion Motion Sensors: Place anywhere throughout your home so that you are alerted as soon as one detects un-warranted movement
  • Live Feed Video Cameras: Monitor activities at and around your home with your own eyes at all times
  • All in one home automation system: Set your thermostat, automate your locks, and even your lights all from a single control

FrontPoints equipment is all new and highly functional equipment give you the eyes, ears, and sense to know when danger is near. They off you three different plans so that you can find which one will fill your home security needs.

FrontPoint Security Plans

Protection Plan
  • 100% Wireless & Smartphone: No cords being strung throughout your home/ connect to your smartphone and devices
  • Intrusion Protection: Set up intrusion motion sensors wherever you feel the need in your home
  • Environmental Protection: Protect your home from un-controllable environment elements
  • Fire Protection: Protect your home from accidental fires
  • Life Safety: Ensure the lives of your family and you are covered
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Line: Always there to answer your urgent calls
Interactive Plan Includes Protection Plan +
  • Crash & Smash Protection: Protects your home from any un-foreseeable accidents to your home
  • Email and Text Alerts: Receive email and text alerts as soon as you need them
  • Remote Access and Control
    • Fully control access to your home with a remote control system
  • Control All House Lights: Turn off/on all your house lights easily
  • Geo Services

Ultimate Plan

Includes Interactive Plan +

  • Live Video Streaming: Always have eyes on what is happening in real-time
  • Motion-Activated Alerts: Anytime one of sensors picks up any movement your alerted
  • HD & Night Vision : See everything during low visibility times
  • Automated Door Locks: With one press of a button all your outside doors will lock
  • Light Controls: Have full control of your house lights
  • Energy Management Control: Cut on your energy bills with this electricity saver

*FrontPoint Advantage--Guarantee

On top of it all FrontPoint offers you a complete RISK-FREE trial of 30 days. If after 30 days you are not completely satisfied with your order, the equipment, or overall service then you can return everything back to them, at no extra cost to you! Yes, they will pay for your return-shipping fee, and this goes to show you that this is a company who stands behind their product and with a 97% customer satisfaction rate, who can blame them. This entire guarantee shows that they are a company that you and your family can depend on.

Get Your Free Quote Today 844-270-7245

Hours Of Operation M-F 8AM – 11PM EST


#3 Protect America

Protect America made it on securitysolutionshouston.com’s list because they offer such a great and trustworthy service, at a low cost for you. You shouldn’t have to break the bank when wanting your home and those who live in it to be safe from all dangers. Protect America help protect you against both physical threats as well as one that aren’t as easily detected such as an environmental or gas intrusion. They offer their equipment at

  • No additional cost
  • No installation fee
  • Low Monthly Rates

High Tech Equipment offered

Control Panel—Touchscreen available

  • Command your entire security system with the Simon XT key pad
  • Monitors and Reports all security or home automation sensors

Home Security Cameras

  • Check in on your home at anytime
  • Online Storage and Archive Videos available
  • Night Vision--continue monitoring during the night
  • WIFI compatible--enabling complete wireless connections

Alarm System Options

  • Smoke Alarms
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Medical Panic Pendant (wear around your neck)

Home Automated System

  • “Yale Z Wave” Door Locks—use a passcode/mobile app to open/close’
  • Appliance Modules—Saving energy and your time, appliance modules connect all your house hardware to your system

Door and Window Sensors

  • Place sensors at any door or window you want secured
  • Micro sensors that will set off any time a sensor detects intrusion
  • Garage Door Sensor that will alert when activated without your consent

90 Degree Motion Detectors

  • Monitor all activity within a 90 degree arc
  • Useful to place in a heavy traffic area of your household

Protect America offers a wide range of security devices to fit your households needs also included are a two button panic alarm button, an extra mini key pad to place anywhere in your home, and a glass breaking sensor that will detect the smallest level of glass breaking sound!

  • Smart Connect App—Control your entire automated system with your fingertips and on the go with Protect America’s smartphone app
  • Manage your locks, lights, video security feeds, and your house temperature all in one place
  • Advanced Automation Module—You can control your entire home system electronics and security devices
    • Control every specific light labeled in your app
    • Connect every appliance connected with appliance modules so you won’t ever leave the stove on again!
  • Lock or unlock your installed door locks

Protect America’s Security Plans

All equipment on all plans is free with no installation fees. Also Included 24/7 monitoring.

Security Plan Door/Window Sensors Included Simon XT Included Monthly Fee
COPPER 3 Yes $19.99
SILVER 9 Yes $37.99
PLATINUM 14 Yes $42.99

Protect America Advantage—Lowly Monthly Rates

Protect America offers you a variety of equipment options that match most security companies you will find. What others don’t offer is that all the equipment that they use and install is at no cost to you! The monthly fees are for maintenance only and come with 24/7 professional monitoring on top of your own. Consumer Digest has chosen Protect America’s “copper” plan as their “Best Buy” for 5 years in a row. Get Your Free Quote Today 855-330-0268

Hours Of Operation M-F 9AM – 12PM EST SAT 9AM-9PM EST

#4 Vivint

Securitysolutionshouston.com’s third company featured on our list is the very accommodating Vivint. Security systems.  Completely interactive and integrated into your smartphone, tablet, or computer to you have complete control over your entire home security system.

Powered by “Vivint Sky Technology”

  • Smart Control

Control every part of your home from your mobile phone, set your lights on or off, lock your doors, and adjust your temperature at all different times of the day

  • 24/7 Vision

Always see what’s going on inside your home when your away for a vacation or for the days that you are at the office and the kids are home from school.

  • Be Your Own Sitter

Need a date night? Through vinvints sky technology you can access its messaging center for your kids at home. So when they are at home and your away with the doors locked, you can message the kids to inform them you unlocked the backdoor so they can take the trash out or let your pet out to the bathroom. Once its done they can message you back and then you can relock the door. All from your phone!

  • Temperature Control

Vivint Sky will keep your rooms cool in the evening and then will slowly raises the temperature of your rooms so you can get a full night of perfect temperature rest all the way until you wake up to a warm room for a peaceful and relaxed morning.

Complete Home Security

  • Have complete security in your entire home by integrating
Motion Detection
  • Pinpoint and record anyone who enters your household
Non-Emergency Alerts
  • Receive instant text messages and email alerts whenever an alarm is set off in your household. Select which non-emergency texts/emails you should
Fire Protection
  • Immediately receive a text message notification any time your carbon monoxide or smoke detectors trigger an emergency

Vivint Security Plan

  • 60 month monitoring agreement
  • At a minimum of $64.99/ month
  • Package includes
    • 7’ touchscreen Vivint sky panel
    • 7 different locations of your own customized equipment

Vivint Advantage—Receive up to $1500 of Equipment-Free

When you agree to Vivint’s services and sign up for a 60 month home security service and order up to $1500 worth of equipment you can receive it for free! Call for your free quote today at 855.947.7977 or connect with a home security professional at their website and get one step closer to connecting to Vivinti’s completely secure and dependable service!

Get Your Free Quote Today 855-947-7977

Hours Of Operation M-F 8AM – 10PM EST SAT 8AM-10PM EST

All the companies we have chosen are fully qualified as the Texas law requires you to hold a licence. You can check online by clicking here.